In the wake of the tragedy of May 23rd in Isla Vista, CA, I was dismayed that the television news media was so focused on the violent actions of the perpetrator and portrayed Isla Vista in such a negative light. Since all six of the victims who were killed were UCSB students, I felt it important to have an actual interview on the campus with instructors.  History Professor Paul Spickard and I appear at the end of this news clip.  Click Below for the link to NBC News.

I organized an additional interview with the NBC News crew to film my graduate seminar class with Paul Spickard. I wanted to make sure that they would cover some of the substantive issues, and also wanted one of my colleagues to praise one of the victims who had been his student in the past.  For the link to this additional NBC News clip, click below.

The Memorial Wall at the Arbor in the center of the UCSB campus, which I created along with the assistance of a talented undergraduate Art student, was recently profiled on the local Santa Barbara news. I am glad that the community continues to find this memorial piece to be so meaningful. For the clip, please click below.